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Welcome to Putuoshan!
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Putuoshan Transportation

External traffic

The Zhoushan Putuo airport lies in the north of Zhujiajian island, have already opened courses such as Beijing, the Jin river, Xiamen, Shantou, Pudong in Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao,etc. at present. From airport to mountain of the Putuo, take the minibus or taxi to the centipede and stand erect of the quay, have taken the yacht from here and reached the mountain of the Putuo only in 5 minutes.

Water Carriage
Quays of 16 shops of Shanghai has night ships to leave for the mountain of Putuo every night on 18: 00, receive Tai mountain, 8: 30 of next day reaches the mountain of the Putuo. Shanghai --Mountain of Putuo on 10: 00, Shanghai reed sails at quay of Luchao harbor. 12: 15 receive the mountain quay of Putuo. Mountain of Putuo--Shanghai in 13: 15 of Putuoshan quays sail. It is on 15: 30 arrive at Shanghai reed quay of Luchao harbour. Mountain of Putuo --The Shenjiamen, every day7: 00--16: 00 ferries of one per hour, the voyage is half an hour, yacht every day 6: 00--18: 00, 10 one of minute. Mountain of Putuo --The Zhujiajian centipede stands erect at the quay, 6: 30--17: 30, yacht is 10 minutes and one, only need the voyage for 5 minutes. Mountain of Putuo --The peach blossom island, in busy season8: 00--15: 00, yachts and one per hour, three of one every day in slack period. Mountain of Putuo -- Tai mountain, 16: 00 is opened, 17: 30 arrives; Tai mountain --Mountain of Putuo, 6: 00 is opened, 8: 30 arrives.

It is have 6 times at a high-speed big bus direct door Shen every day in communication Daewoo Shanghai Xujiahui terminal, it can reach 6 hours. And then transfer to the ferryboat or yacht and go to the mountain of Putuo. Hangzhou station of the east have 8 times at a high speed bus direct Shen door half hole quay every day, the drive is 4 and a half hours. Between Half hole quay and Putuoshan have one ferryboat per hour, reach Putuoshan for half an hour. If take the yacht, drive when people fully promptly, voyages are only 10 minutes.

Internal traffic

Putuoshan has been joined most beauty spots by the bus of special line of two travels. Every 10 --15 minutes for these two buses of special line and one, run to 17: 00 then stopped, after 17: 00 all kinds of vehicles knock off successively, visitors should return to the residence before this.

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