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Welcome to Putuoshan!
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Travel guide of Putuoshan

>>Putuo temple
It is also call the front temple, it is under white China south of the mountains and clever vulture's peak, enshrine and worship the mainly stopping of Goddess of Mercy. The whole temple covers an area of 37019 square meters; the building is with the whole area of 15289 square meters. There are large flexible halls, king's hall, the floor of collect Scripture, etc. in the temple, the hall, building, veranda add up to 357. Heavy flexible hall is the main hall of whole temple, it is called "living big hall ", enshrine and worship adjoining Goddess of Mercy Lu of 8.8 meter high. Puji Buddhist temple and law rain Buddhist temple, intelligent to help Buddhist temple are call the three Buddhist temples in Putuoshan. Puji Buddhist temple predecessor for being unwilling to go Goddess of Mercy institute, establish on in the period of Tang Xiantong year, and then Shenzong Song renamed it as "temple of Goddess of Mercy of treasure top " in 1080, specialized in Goddess of Mercy, the burning incense starts to hold. In the period of Jiading year of the south Song Dynansty, grant "flexible treasure hall " horizontal inscribed board, appoint mountain of the general top as specialize in rites place of Goddess of Mercy. Later Ming Zhuyuanzhang ban on maritime trade or intercourse with foreign countries and destroying the temple for the first time, imperial court allocate funds for rebuild until in Ming Dynasty the 33rd year of perpetual calendar (1605 year), grant volume build " protect country longevity Putuo Buddhist temple forever ", make it become the temple of the largest scale of the South at that time. In the period of Qing Kangxi, colonize Holland invader trample on, temple plunder empty. After the coastal areas and territorial seas calmed down in 1689, Kang Xi makes purport and repairs, expands scale again, basically finished when to the ninth year of Yongzheng (1731), the present most buildings are finished during this. After Anti-Japanese War, the desolate decline of the temple; the statue of Buddha is destroyed to the limit during "the Culture Revolution ", the monk is disbanded. Began to repair the original appearance in an all-round way in 1979, built statues of Buddha such as Goddess of Mercy Lu, etc. and pavilion of adjoining again, have formed the present scale.

>>Many pagodas tower
Also called the treasure pagoda, popular name " prince tower ", build on two year (1334 year) such as interconnected systems Yuan Dynasty,It is the oldest building of Putuoshan extant building, it is the stone tower of only Yuan Dynasty of province of Zhejiang too. Pagoda lie in the south of sea print pool is a high meter of five square towers, double-deck Tamerlan flat, three stores of bodies of the tower, there are platforms that do not eaves, all build by beautiful stone in Tai Hu. Have three dig shrine carve Buddha is fancy, the flavor is classic on four sides, especially the third layer of Goddess of Mercy of 32 all around looks like small in conformity with the body, the expression is temperate and deep, give somebody the cordial and dignified sense, its unique treasure Zhyuan printing type model is rare for the whole country; The background of the statue of Buddha is the eighteen disciples of Buddha, each arhat's expression is different, vivid, each stone platform put stone railing, stone rail post end carved with defend god, lion lotus flower, etc. pattern. Stone tower ground floor base platform relatively wide, top floor of four corners decorated with the leaf mountain flower of the several broadleaf plants, carve 4 taps under fence all around, open one's mouth and vomit watery, rain the sky and water shed to overflow from the dragon mouth, as the dragon slavers over.. Pagoda honorific reconstructed by Buddhist monk raise money in the period of the yuan and get crown prince declare, it is helped by some kings such as Xuanrang king, and build crown prince's tower institute by the tower. 1919,it last Master Liaoyu and abbot Liaoqing to please Wuwei person Chenxingliang to soliciting contributions, study lay Buddhist for supplement, form the present model. Will it be time early morning, sunrise maritime, stand among tower courtyard listening to Puji melodious bell that temple come and one hundred step sand surge tide of sea beach loud, agitate heart, the clear endlessly in god in people to be make, so the good name that " hear the clock in the pagoda ".
There are great deal of historic site in the Tower, inscribe in the courtyard, Kangyouywei get to the mountain and courtyard rockery stone in tower leave question " sea first mountain " 4 word once at the mountain.

>>One hundred step sand
It is lies in the seashore of place of more than one hundred meters of the east of the pagoda, the length from north to south is more than 600 meters, the things are more than 200 meters wide. Correspond to a thousand steps sand in the north of the hole of Chaoyang, thus come the name of one hundred step sand, also call the sand in front of the tower. Quality pureness, beach shape is graceful that one hundred steps rustle. The sea area is vast, the sea beach is broad and smooth, sea water is blue, and ocean and land get harmonious handing over in here, one that is for seawater bath excellent to go. At summer night, here is that a sea wind is breezy even more, the cool air attacks people, and visitors come to unoccupied step here to enjoy the coal more too. The bathing beach of one-hundred step sand was established in the 23rd year of the Republic of China (1934).

>>The Buddhist temple of Fayu
It is also called the behind temple, It is under the Guangxi Mountain and on the left of Baihuading, before Puji temples 2.8 kilometers, it is one of three major temples of Putuo. Temple is cover an area of 33408 square meters, extant hall 294, fetch the tendency near the mountain, rank it respectively on the six - storey base. Enter the mountain door to upgrade sequentially, there are king's halls on the central axis, and then there are halls of the temple of jade, Bell and Drum Tower between two hall ,and after successively for Goddess of Mercy for hall, imperial tablet hall, Mahavira Temple, the collect Scripture floor, Buddhist abbot hall. Goddess of Mercy hall also call Kowloon hall, it is very exquisite and vivid for Kowloon to carve, Kowloon sunk panel of hall and some glazed tiles palace are pull down from Ming Dynasty of Nanjing, praised as one of the mountain Triratna of the Putuo. The whole temple is mighty and farsighted, the meteorological phenomena is extreme; spacious and comfortable in a thousand step Jinsha nearby, the wave sound thunders day and night. Temple establish in Ming Dynasty the eighth year of perpetual calendar, because here spring stone deep and remote to win at that time, form cogon grasses as the Buddhist nunnery, fetch the justice of " law tide sound ", is named in " the Buddhist nunnery of the tide "; Changed the name in " tide temple " in the 22nd year of perpetual calendar, had another name called " protected the sea and country Buddhist temple of Town " in 34. And then destroy in the flames of war. Qing kangxi 28 year, Puji, Fayu two temple get imperial court grant Tang, build at the same time; then honorific Buddhist monk Mingyi of Fayu temple enter Fujian raise the money, lasts three years, the property raised, in order to build the flexible hall alone, specialize in Goddess of Mercy statue of Buddha, build Mahavira Temple also two years later, support Chu Bodhisattva. Kangxi imperial court grant gold build temple, repair big hall, grant " day rain, law of China," and "Fayu Buddhist temple" horizontal inscribed board again in 38 year (1699 year), so changed the name of today. With build hall successively in the period of Tongzhi and Guangxu, become the famous of the South.

>>The thousand-step sand
Is in the coast of Shandong of Putuo. To Haiwang pavilion the sandy beach, about 1750 meters long, weigh a thousand steps of sand, it is the biggest sandy beach on the mountain of Putuo. Sand wide gentlely, sandy soft and thin and net, the North have one huge stone plant root among the sand, water fall stone produce, submit a written statement to " listen to the tide " 2 words, stone steps lead to the Haiwang pavilion upwards. At present, the thousand-step sand has already opened up bathing beach and maritime recreation center.

>>Huiji Buddhist temple
Also call Foding mountain temple, lie on the top of mountain, located the cloud and mist and mountain 299.1 meters above sea level. One stone pavilion originally, offer among the Buddha, monk Huiyuan to create Huiji in the Buddhist nunnery while Ming Dynasty, established the flexible hall, jade spring hall, the floor of great sorrow, etc. by the 58th year of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty, expand the Buddhist nunnery as the temple. Mere thread 33 year getting clear Trip taka, increase by gentle chief worker, turtledove of Buddhist monk, satisfy huge to stop, with Huiji temple and Fayu temple tripartite equilibrium, is called the three major mountain of Putuo. The pavilion of 145 palaces is latent in the jade green jungle. Goddess of Mercy hall that build up 1989, wall inlay 123 stone engraving Kwan-yin Statue, it gather Tang and Song Dynasty Yuan of Ming and Qing five dynasty masterpiece of celebrated painter. Temple Mahavira Temple stamp and carry with the colored glazed tiles, demonstrate the wonderful view of "Buddha only illuminates "under the sunshine. Goddess of Mercy in the hall, wall inlay 123 stone engraving Kwan-yin Statue, assemble Tang and Song Dynasty Yuan of Ming and Qing five Dynasties masterpiece of celebrated painter.

>>" Heart word stone "
It is located below west Tianmen, about 300 sq. kilometers, round and smooth, middle engraves an enormous " heart " word, this word is 5 meters long, 7 meters wide, nearly 50 of perimeter, centre can hold eight nine people to sit, whole word can hold nearly one hundred people sit in meditation, may be said " feel vast " really, most loud stone engraving characters in Putuoshan. It is said sound Bodhisattva say "the heart passes "at this stone. The Buddhist regards trimming the heart as the first, people reach mountain gift Buddha of general top, all like the stone of the word of hearting, or go in a ring and stroke round the heart word, or sit in the heart word taking a photo, the symbol of the devout or human world friendship by opposing Buddha. Heart word stone right 5th valley of place have one stone spread outwards among the valley, dimly visible between uncultivated thistles and thorns, its form is like snake's head. Have one stone is nearby stone west Tianmen, shape like frogs, raise one's head and look to the snake, calm and confident. Someone carved a "heart" word greatly on the first right flat slope and huge stone of lower left corner of snake later, it is the wonderful that brings out the theme even more, thought provoking.

>>Huge rock top stone
It is lies in Meicen peak southeast hillock, out from Meifu Buddhist nunnery walk to west more than one hundred place. The Pantuo stone were folded by two huge stones from head to foot. One is bottom wide and head sharp now, it is wide 20 meters, the middle out place hold the stone, called the huge rock; the one head is flat and button is sharp on the rock, up to 3 meters, nearly 7 meters wide together above, assume diamond in shape, is called the top. Two stone seam interval such as line from head to foot, see well illuminated, it seems that a stone is unsettled on a stone. Two stone dangerous like roll ovum and smooth such as the huge rock. It is flat and wide that the stone of the Tuo stone, twenty or thirty passengers' play commonly on the top of it, but it is motionless, is really an inconceivable great wonder stone. Huge rock top stone is Goddess of Mercy statement office according to legend, top stone the west engrave, have resist against Japan senior Houjigao book " huge rock and top stone " three big characters of Ming Dynasty, the powerful and vigorous, beside that have "gem at the Buddha's warrior attendant", "office at the statement at the person big ", " stone strange peerless ", etc. Dig has stone steps by the stone; you can climb the ladder then receive the top of the rock. Whenever the setting sun sets, the stone wraps the golden clothes, blaze brilliantly and rightly, if travelers can mount top stone at this moment, occupy a commanding position, ring look into the distance mountains and sea, really may be said the wide scene is spectacular, the scenery is extremely magnificent, call "the glow of the setting sun of the huge rock top". There are statement platform, efficacious stone Buddhist nunnery, and buffalo stone, nodding stone and so views. Near the huge rock and top stone, there are a peak of Tianzhu and an efficacious a spring in the hillside in the west.

>>Two tortoises listen to office stone
It is lies in the west of the huge rock and top stone, on 53 rock and precipice that join the stone underpants. Have two stone exactly like green turtle, one tortoise squat crouch the top, turn one's head and look forward to, like having the tendency to wait for; One tortoise to direct to stone, prolong neck with one's chin up, muscle membrane reveal to the limit, a looks of worrying about. The shapes of two tortoises extremely catch the spirit, make visitors acclaim as the acme of perfection. Listen to office have 53 join stone, the bigger one is getting heavy side stand one hundred, the small one is getting little and tired on the stone in two tortoise like ovum, join and stand erect vertically and horizontally, not merely the ecology is different, it is out of shape and move one's steps, make people have a sense of hoping and growing and endangering precariously by oneself. With the transition of the fine rain and change of dawn fog evening mist at dawn and dusk, this group of strange mountain rock that cheated, will demonstrate deep or light different hues too. Putuoshan has much strange stone, 53 join stone is the strangest in Putuoshan.

>>Big Goddess of Mercy Buddhism of the South China Sea
It is located in bimodal mountain Goddess of Mercy of the south jump hillock. Here tendency get up with peak, beautiful forest and green, with rippling surface. The Zhujia sharp on the foreign other shore of lotus flower, separate the sea imperial bodyguard; the black bamboo forest in the hill foot of bimodal hillside, the audio frequency biography of the tide. Like On the spot in person, such as facing the extremely happy territory, the feel of common and disappeared at once. Lixiang platform, the total height is 33 meters, 18 meters of statues of Buddha among them, 2 meters of lotus thrones is 13 meters of bases, and the area of the base is 5500 square meters. The statue of Buddha top out of Buddha now, the left hand holds the Wheel of the Law, the right hand is constructed and printed fearlessly, wonderful form, kindly, and the statue of Buddha adopts imitates gold copper to cast newly precisely. It is as huge as the project that Goddess of Mercy stands, the unprecedented major issue since open a mountain for the Putuo really, lay a foundation and start building on September 19 in 1996 lunar calendar, complete by the sixth lunar month of 1997 of the project, and held all grand ceremony on September 29, added the new human cultural sight for the mountain of the Putuo, become Buddha's symbol of country of sea.

>>The hill foot of tide sound hole
It is in the Putuoshan of black bamboo forest scenic and the foot of Longwan, only 200 meters from the parking area. "Tide sound hole " the name is pun on a word actually, because of handle up tide day and night, like thunder sound; take " tide sound " liken " Buddha sound " on the other hand, entrance to a cave wave without cease day and night, sound like Goddess of Mercy expound the texts of Buddhism, and like monks chant scriptures, the sound wonderfully and loudly, thus come the name. Tide sound hole form by mountain stone crack, from precipice to foot high several dozen, half soak in the sea. The hole has two gates, well illuminated like the skylight, the tidewater runs quickly into the hole, the wave stone is surged, sound like shoo away the thunder. Rest on rock overlook, seem flood dragon rise on the foot, dangerous and strange at the rising tide, the sound like thunderous; The rainbow flashes in the hole when it is fine, it is a wonder to be luxuriant. The stone and precipice are carved with three big characters of "tide sound hole ", is that the Qing emperor of the Kangxi writes in one's own hand. Tide sound hole rock of left side have one natural small-scale Shiquan in the gully, cliff carved with "brightness pool" 3 words, here old name " sweet dew pool", people call "intelligent spring", Buddha family all often to earnestly hope holy water by treating eye illness here. There is a small hole by the tide sound hole, called "woman hole of wealth darken", it is accommodation of good wealth whom around Goddess of Mercy according to legend.

>>The forest of the black bamboo
It is under the plum winglets mountain range in the south of Shandong of the Putuo. The rock is mauve in the mountain, analyzing and observing can be seen the leaves of the cypress, the foliate pattern of bamboo, so call the stone of the black bamboo. The descendant plants and has black bamboos here too. Five generations Hou Liang Dynasty of Zhenming two years. Huie of a monk of Japan, please win Kwan-yin Statue from WuTaishan, return to the homeland and meet wind obstruct here on the way, it is "unwilling to go to institute of Goddess of Mercy "to build in the forest of the black bamboo here. There are tide sound holes in front of courtyard of Goddess of Mercy. There are brightness pools by the forest of the black bamboo, Goddess of Mercy looks in the south, the other bank can see LuoJia island. According to the records of past dynasties mountain book, Zhenming two year (A.D. 916) HouLiang Dynasty, Huie of a monk of Japan, present from WuTaishan with respect Kwan-yin Statue come back home, ship obstruct by Putuo ocean surface, think Bodhisattva wish not to go to the east, pull in to shore and stay statue of Buddha, enshrine and worship resident by Zhang, call " unwilling to go Goddess of Mercy institute ", beginning of open mountain for Putuo.

>>Short aunt holy mark
Enter Buddha country door of mountain, southeast 300 places (close to " enter 3 rub places "), that is a head of short aunt, is also called the short aunt's holy mark, short aunt's historic site. Here is the sea beach originally in old times, there are stone which more than ten meters wide, long one hundred has the rice, small stone encloses from anther, tabulates a big and small a rock with different form on both sides on the beach, it engrave at stone rock " historic site at the aunt short ", " barge of mercy ferries all the miserable people to the world of bliss", " morality and justice and Ban ", " first Buddha country ", " land of happiness "and so 14 style inscribe, haunt in the tide wave. In ancient times, the ship reaches the short aunt, but can not pull in to shore, need ferries by little sampan of long 3.33 meters, wide meter of 1. Qing Guangxu 31 years (1905), the Putuoshan of two eminent monks of Liaoyu and Lian, because damp ebb tide rise here, ships pull in to shore is inconvenient, raise available money and use stone build stones pieces which as long as 11 meters, wide meter of 8. Before building the mountain passenger traffic quay of Putuo, come Putuoshan travel and enter fragrant visiting scenic spot sightseeing must go ashore from this. The passenger traffic is open to visitor as a famous historical site of travel here after building up at quay.

>>South-Sky Gate
It is at Putuo South Mountain of south of the mountains, pass the surround dragon bridge, along mountain the meander, place side by side with a head of short aunt. Two stone confront each other as door along the seaside, South-Sky Gate orphan hang enter sea, separated by with this island of ink, the shelf has stone bridges, and the body of a bridge is like dragons, called ring dragon's bridge. The huge stone stands abreast here, it is towering to endanger the rock, there are two stones like the door of middle, thus come the name. it fly to watchtower on either side of a palace gate door by eaves last horn, have " South-Sky Gate " three word book in middle, by there is longyanan well, there is the stone drum on the precipice, there are lion stones above the left of watchtower on either side of a palace gate. A group of rock is towering and beautiful in South-Sky Gate, the bluish waves are vast in front of the door, the inscriptions on precipices are numerous, beside the door have Qing military officer Lanli to write " mountains and sea grand sight " four word, vigorous and effective, noticeable; in the Door have Buddhist space palace, have one huge rock by the space, you can along stone and climb rock top, the rock is very smooth, there are two small puddles, the pool water gives out light clearly, commonly called as the lion eyes, carve stone engraving such as "Long Hua conference", " Dizhu the south sky ", "orphan's hopeless place in the coast "on the rock.

>>Fanying hole Buddhist nunnery
It is built on the Fanying hole of Dashi appear the looks. Xingchao hole call of "two hole tide sound "jointly. Buddhist nunnery hall support Aoyu Goddess of Mercy to stand; in the west Luohan hall have 30 high camphorwood 500 of Luohan. On the end of blue and green drum which the east of Putuoshan, with tide being sound hole south-north opposite. The cave wall is precipitous, the stone is split like the door, it is about 60 meters high, about 50 meters of depth, hang one stone natural bridge of the middle, on there is pavilion of view Buddha, can see the sea in front and hole behind. The hole is deep and serene, under the function of sunshine and tide, the rock each shows and appears strangely and changeably in the hole. "Clear Buddhist in Tianmen " is the magnificent scenery of meaning the Buddhist sound hole. The mountain color is light and clear of sound hole of the Buddhist, the cliff is endangered high, the waist that measured from the precipice, inlays horizontal stone like bridge in the middle, as if one treasured jade in Black Dragon's mouth, there are stone platforms in two cliffs, build double-deck niche for a statue of Buddha on the platform, the name "Buddha pavilion of the view", it is the Buddhist sound hole that sees tides in the best place, Qing Kangxi 38 year (1699 year),Kangxi resist book "Buddhist sound hole" register in here. Under the Buddha pavilion tide is roll, make like precipice rote surge ahead, dragon chant and tigers roaring, without cease day and night. So Buddhist sound hole call "two hole tide sound" with sound hole of tide, it is the best place of Putuo that most suitable for listening to tide and see the sea at the mountain.

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