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Welcome to Putuoshan!
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Putuoshan Shopping

Putuoshan abounds with our country famous “4 sea fish " product, the yellow croaker; cattle fish are the most famous particularly. It is exactly a great opportunity of purchasing the fresh marine product then to fish in busy season every midsummer. “Fingered citron” is a peculiar shellfish of Putuoshan, and is the local products, can taste until every August. In addition, "Buddha melon" (Putuoshan abound with one water-melon, so as to skin being thin, pinkish, sweet for the characteristic, for fine variety that heat quench one's thirst), tea, the South China Sea laver, Buddha of cloud and mist, revive after death grass, expedite the emergence of son, stone cauliflower, Goddess of Mercy narcissus, black bamboo are Putuoshan peculiar product, might as well take back just a few in case of interest.

The special product in Putuoshan

>>Buddha tea of Putuo
Buddha tea of Putuo, also call Foding mountain Yunwu tea, is a wild tea tree; It is grow in 291 meters high above sea level Foding mountain. Buddha's tea of Putuo has a long history. Buddha tea that collect and process before the Grain Rain, drink with Putuo spring on mountain, have medical value.

>>Putuo narcissus
Putuo narcissus is Zhoushan city flower, the flower is fragrant and strong while in blooming, fragrance lasting, characteristic its ball heavy spending more, aromatic, enjoy equal fame with Zhang state narcissus, Chongming narcissus, called best three major narcissus varieties in our country.

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