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Putuoshan Excursions

>>Peach Blossom Island
It is lie in Zhoushan Island south of Shenjiamen fishing port, 43 square kiliometers of area. Face-off south mountain is highest peak of Zhoushan Island among them, to extend all around mountain range, form the different mountains and rise and fall, one layer of hill and a pile of mountain sea wind and scene that got up.
Face-off south mountain have a holy rock of temples, build on one natural stone of place of having an elevation of 482 meters within the hole, already had a history of more than 400 years so far.
The island of the peach blossom is gathers with the rock, the mountain lie rises and falls, the forest are fresh and green, the scene is charming, known as botany on the island. The flowers resources of the trees are very abundant; there is good name of "maritime botany". There are 73 kinds, 356 varieties of trees, the rare varieties of trees belonging to the national natural protection domain among them reach several dozen kinds, for instance MaoHongChun, Putuo camphor tree, the whole green leaves Chinese ilex, etc., there are famous and precious flowers such as narcissus, cuckoo, Huangyang, orchid,etc.. Narcissus and orchid on the peach blossom island is "local and special products" on the island, especially the daffodil is one of the three narcissuses of China, and have a good sale in Hong Kong, Japan and so countries.
The whole island is made up of six major scenic spots such as gravel and beach of dark stone in gulf Jinsha, Anqi mountain, Big Buddhism rock, peach blossom harbour, wood pigeon's door, Ann; There are more than 60 beauty spots as bashfully of drakan's peaks, the pearl of the east sea, white sparrow's temple, holy rock temple, Goddess of Mercy, celestial being's bridge, pharmacist Huang room, voiceless sound hole, etc., Peach blossom island with strange to absorb visitors. Some huge stone like lion go down the hill, some look like seal head a ball, and some like worship Buddha at temple as the fairy maiden. Confront each other mountain "Big Buddhism head" strange stone group that mountaintop stand erect like the huge sculpture, the cloud and mist curls up, towering and grand. Especially on the mountaintop, there is a big stone, is similar to Buddha's head, no matter from far to one hundred meters and from close at hand place, watch in terms of any aspect, its magnitude remains the same from beginning to end. Legend the sky there is location fairy becomes incarnate make an inspection tour, pass by East China Sea, is crazy about for charming scenery of the peach blossom island, unwilling to return to the self-sufficient and strategically located region, turn body into the stone, live herein long.
The peach blossom island likes the Land of Peach Blossoms, the peach blossom island in Mr. JinYong novel " Hero Shooting Vulture "is just here. JinYong Mr. upon learning with great joy epigraph "peach blossom island of gold sand of blue sea". If visitors climb and look far into the distance, nears the mountain and the far sea, poetic and pictorial splendor, have a panoramic view, can't help sighing likes enter the fairyland.

>>The lover island
Lover's island of East Coast Zhujiajian lies between Nansha and Dongsha, is a good destination of spend holidays. Famous scenic spot as follows: "the flood dragon hold head", "dragon hole ", "leaves hawk's peak", etc., there are places of camping.
The lover island is originally known as the mountain of back door, lie in the east of middle part of the Zhujiajian, about 100 meters from bank to cape between Nansha and Dongsha, can set foot in and pass while ebbing tide. It is the long in shape, northwest for southeast in island, the over thousands of meters long, look down from height, is like the shape island of one "person". Lover's island and Zhujiajian to built suspension bridge of 122 meters in 1997. Visitors walk on the suspension bridge, under the bridge, the water roll, are very beautiful views.
The lover island is the ground corrodes form for the coast, the precipice, capes and tablelands of the hole, cave where development is numerous, cliff high and precipitous, and cave deep and serene, have aesthstic value and visit value. Cave besides marine abrasion hole, mountain region have many places belong to granite crack hole of ground form and collapse hole, physique is peculiar. For instance "hole of Wolong " on white mountain, "sews the platform", etc.. Inside the island appear most place of granite crack, emerge area to be globular to weather obviously heavy, form the very strange mountain stone view. The Zhujiajian stone scene most centralized with White Mountain of North Island and YueAo Mountain, suitable to develop in flakes.

>>Sheng Si archipelago
These lies to the east of gulf of Hangzhou, in the vast sea in East China Sea, southeast of the entrance of Changjiang River. Formed by Hundreds of island groups converged the place by Qiantang River and mouth of the Changjiang River, domestic rock and reef are studded with, have beautiful representative island scene with the reef is beautiful, the beach is flat, the stone is strange, precipice dangerous as the characteristic, Sheng Si is exposure of the balcony that extends towards the Northeast and sinks into the sea. 394 islands above 500 square meters in area, among them live in person's islands are 18. The largest island Siqiao mountain, the area is 21.2 sq. km. it is the maritime monsoon climate of subtropical zone, annual average temperature is 15.8 ?, there is no heat in summer, there is no severe cold in winter, the climate is pleasant, extremely suitable for spending holidays. The whole area has more than 60 beauty spots, the ones that relatively concentrated in view are Siqiao, Huanglong, Sheng mountain, Hua islands, etc.. National famous Sheng Si fishing ground is in its border, every winter fishing season, more than 100,000 fishmen of province and city such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Fujian, Shanghai are product here by the ship. Abound with yellow croaker, hairtail, pomfret, etc. Yellow lobster's is famous and national. Sheng Si archipelago scenic spot, is formed by hundreds of islands, has the characteristics that the reef is beautiful, the beach is good, the stone is strange, the precipice is dangerous, the whole area has more than 60 beauty spots.
The base lake sandy beach has long been known as "southern Beidai River": Lean against the pinewood, widen wildly in the land, sandy and clean, the slope plunges into the commercial sea in the land gently, the sea water is limpid, is the ideal natural bathing beach; The south Changtu sandy beach is fine sea bath field too, suit spending holidays to go to summer resort.
The birds and flowers beacon on birds and flowers' island is built in A.D. 1870, spectacular, is the first largest beacon of the Far East, it is important navigation mark of north and south ship course enter Shanghai Wusong mouth; There are three ancient holes as "cloud and mist", "ape", "tiger" on the island, It is known as "the flowers and fruits mountain in East China Sea".
Scenic spot have numerous to rub rock stone engraving fascinating of Ming and Qing Dynasties, "mountains and sea wonder", "sea like quiet wave", "tide sea wind clear", powerful strokes. In addition, the Huanglong ingot stone, five dragons great sorrow temple are natural good fortune, or work with great care, have appreciative value very much.

>>Hang pigeon island scenic spot
It is lie in the Northeasthang wood pigeon island of peach blossom island, the area is only 0.78 sq. km, highest peak have an elevation of 139.6 meters, trees, reed, cogongrass, in flakes, shellfish product are abundant in the island, have beach, rock, stone, hole, reef, margin view, view and appreciate sea precipice scene, adopt value highly, go angling, camp, ideal place of activity of going hunting etc., mainly view such as dragon's tartar, reed swing beauty spot, the gravel and beach, a thousand layers of rock, tortoise hole, seal reef.

It is lies in the center of scenic spot in Jinsha of 5 kilometers, the famous Zhoushan international sand carving is held here in festival. Nansha is the most ideal place that travels at sea. There is project at the amusement "the bathing beach", "slide aquatic", "aquatic for motor", " last umbrella yacht ", "beach volleyball", "riding a horse", "go angling". Sandy beach texture superior, grains of sand pure and fine and smooth, sandy beach the slope and little gentlely, the first of sharp seven major sandy beaches of the Zhujiajian of the first that famous. There are free shower cabinet, recreation room, buffet, swimming equipment and rental of taking pictures equipment in the scenic spot. During The sand carving festival, there are laser video, Karaoka disc, and sandy beach dance in the evening in the scenic spot of Nansha. Have rock party at 8:00 p.m. There is a Guiness performance at 9:00 every morning.

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