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Putuoshan Overview

It is lie in Zhejiang province Putuo County, an island of Zhoushan Island, lie in the east of the Zhoushan Island. Geographical position is lie between east longitude 12130'-12325', during the north latitude of 2932'-3104'. The mass is narrow and long in shape, 8.6 kilometers long from south to north, 3.5 kilometers wide from east to west, area is about 12.5 sq. km. Face each other across the sea with Zhoushan Island, from bank to Shen door 6.5 kilometers. The highest peak is Foding Mountain, 291.3 meters above the sea level. The terrain rises and falls on the island, winding in the coast; the celestial being is misty, praised as "Buddha's country of day of sea "and" maritime Celestial Mountain ".
The Putuoshan in Zhejiang enjoys equal fame with Jiuhua Mountain of Anhui, Mount Emei of Sichuan, WuTai Mountain of Shanxi; it is one of four major famous mountains of Buddhism of our country.
The Putuoshan is only located on the sea Buddhism famous scenic spot in the Christian that of four Big Buddhism in China, beautiful natural landscape and long Buddhism culture are merged together. The three temples as the solemn Puji temple (the before temple), law rain temple, Huiji temple, are the models buildings of the beginning that it is at end of Ming Dynasty in our country. It is Building blue and green stone relief " five hundreds Luohan tower ", 33 meters high of " the South China Sea Goddess of Mercy " open-air bronze statue, pure red copper cast execute and speak the temple " copper big hall " in recent years, repair black bamboo forest deep meditation institute, western Buddhist nunnery, auspicious intelligent Buddhist nunnery, etc. in recent time, have added elegance and glamour for Buddha's country.

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