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Welcome to Putuoshan!
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Putuoshan History

Verifies according to the unearthed relics, before 4,000 years ago, we people right away the footprint sows at this mountain first. At the period in the Spring and Autumn and the Warring states, Gou Jian Wang once call " the east of Yong " Putuoshan and nearby islands, Anchaosheng of Qin Dynasty and Gehong in the Jin Dynasty were came on the mountain gather medicinal herbs and practice successively. According to legend Learned and famous scholar Meifu came to mountain live in seclusion of Han Dynasty, so Putuoshan first name plum mountain range and mountain. Buddhism prevail the Tang Dynasty, will it be middle period the ninth century, have India (today India) Buddhist monk come on to the mountains, get Buddhist name "mend sad Lip river Jia ". (Means the small beautiful flowers) Tang 12 year (858 year) in Dazhong, Japanese Buddhist monk Huie win from five Kwan-yin Statue return to the homeland, via Putuo ocean surface, meet wind obstruct, come Putuo.
Yuanfeng three years (1080) for Shenzong Song, It is begins to build the temple formally on the mountain of the Putuo, bestow the name called "temple of Goddess of Mercy of treasure top". Song Gaozong in Shaoxing year (1131 year), imperial court fish-men move out island, lay out into "the Buddha ground pure land ". Song ningzong in Jiading 7 years (1214 year), appoint Putuoshan enshrine and worship Goddess of Mercy, mountain all temple mould Kwan-yin Statue, then view sound and Putuoshan forge the indissoluble bound generation. Because " pass in year severely in China: have mountain name mend sad Lip river Jia on the South of this, he have Bodhisattva, famous view unrestrained ", then is drawn conclusions by false analogy as the rites place of Goddess of Mercy, become one of four major famous mountains of Buddhism.
Every dynasty once granted the gold and Qing, Ming was set aside the silver to the mountain of the Putuo, repair and extend. In the period of Qing Kangxi year, occupy Putuoshan by colonist of Dutch, destroyed the temple. Later, two reparation of set aside money in Emperor of KangXi year, already have three major temple, 88 Buddhist nunnery institute (middle-scale temple), 128 thatched shed (small-scale temple) in middle period to Qing, most construction are in the southeast of the island. Burning incense's great prosperity on the mountain at that time, monks were up to more than 3,000 persons numerously. Putuoshan become well-known internal and external Buddhism famous scenic spot, domestic are from all parts, Japan and Buddhist of Southeast Asia come " sea day Buddha country " this pay homage, in an endless stream. After the war of resistance in 1945, still there are more than 80 halls of Buddhist nunnery of all kinds of temple on the mountain of Putuo. This so-called Buddha sacred place in the country, the name is raised abroad, especially exert a tremendous influence between southeast Alf teaches the circle and overseas Chinese. After liberation, the country has carried on numerous renovations to the main temple and scenic spot, domestic and international visitors come in a continuous stream especially, four seasons are without cease. Putuoshan now in course of repairing, a opening to the outside world that have three major temples, four major Buddhist nunneries more than 20 scenic spots at present.

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