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Welcome to Putuoshan!
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Putuoshan Cuisine

The plain diet of Putuoshan is always well received by visitor at home and abroad too. Besides food and beverage of every hotel, mountain villa, are gather in last garden hotel, before temple, behind near temple and South-Sky Gate. Among them, seafood's garden has concentrated 52 seafood's restaurants, enjoy very high reputation at home and abroad, have attracted many visitors who came because of respect for the fame. If you are interested in eating a plain diet, you can have in the temple. Dining hall in Buddhist temple on Putuo three major temples (' Puji temple, law rain temple, Huiji temple in Buddha Mountain) have help pilgrims catch the time of the room. The general breakfast is 5:30 - 6:00, the lunch is 10:00 - 11:00, and the supper is at about 4:30 - 5:00. Might as well get guest hall to get some information, spend a dozen take one food given to Buddist monks as alms, economical and practical, there don't be a kind of flavor.

The introduces of some special features snack

>>Zhoushan roach steamed fish
Take various Flavoring agent as sashimi eat for the top. Its meat is fine and smooth, always been a maritime treasure.

>>The swimming crab
Takes steamed wheaten foods as the core, can also cook and fry. Steep and make the rifle crab with bittern, the meat is tender and delicious, have a distinctive flavour.

>>The meat of prawn of Zhoushan
The meat of prawn of Zhoushan is tender, delicious; the way to eat is various.

It is the characteristic that hairtail's of Zhoushan is thick and glossy, delicious with its meat, reputation is full home and abroad. It is made that braising with soy saucily, steamily, saltily, the wind shines, and etc. the way to eat is various.

>>Three Bao rein in Xiang
It is also called fragrant fish, ham slice with 3 or more times with salt, mix duck's egg ginger block, yellow wine, etc. adjuvant steam it, meat is red and tender, salty and fresh and delicious, is the traditional famous dish of house.

>>Snow dish yellow croaker soup
Also calls salted vegetables fresh to be loud. Yellow croaker is one of Putuo four major fishes, mix with Zhoushan snow dish bamboo shoot block fire, unify saltily and freshly, the decoction is milky white, flavor alcohol, meat is tender.

>>The fish ball of clear soup
Fish ball was generally chopped and made with the fresh eel or Spanish mackerel's fish, the fish ball one is loosed greatly tenderly, delicious, the soup is clear, if mix with bamboo shoots, water mushroom, ham slice, have chopped scallion is yellow, black, red, green, white 5 color clearly demarcated, nutritious.

>>Spiral shells
Full various countries of Nan Yang of spiral shell's reputation of mud of Zhoushan of mud; regard Zhujiajian, long white mud spiral shell. Have the characteristics that a big shell is thin; the meat is too fat to have mud muscle, delicious.

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