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Welcome to Putuoshan!
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The Festival celebration of Putuoshan

>>China Putuoshan of the South China Sea Goddess of Mercy
Zhoushan Putuo holds a cultural festival of Goddess of Mercy of the South China Sea every November such as cultural festival. One of three major travel festivals in Zhoushan, is supported by deep cultural inside information of Goddess of Mercy of mountain of Putuoshan, Buddhism travel gala taking carrying forward culture of Goddess of Mercy, making the famous mountain of culture as intension. Have large-scale law during this time, Buddhism concert, all people go on a pilgrimage, lotus flower lantern fair, product exhibition, seminar of culture and cultural tour of Buddhism, etc. a series of activities, attract numerous visitors of disciple of Goddess of Mercy, Buddhist, pilgrim at home and abroad to gather the reason " Buddha's country".

>>China Putuoshan Goddess of Mercy fragrant
Know section also call "Putuoshan the three fragrant time of the meeting", 19 the second lunar month and 19 June, birthday such as Goddess of Mercy in 19 September in every year, attain the Way, go out of house, heavy to know while three being fragrant meeting. Putuo most grand occasion at this moment, from Puji temple to hit door to be heavy to reach Foding mountain temple, as the pilgrim wells up; Get a thousand stone fragrant cloud and path of steps by Fayu temple, the believer pays one's respects to gift film, one point one steps kneels and ascends the stairs, pious, make people realize. On the twenty ninth of the ninth lunar month of 1997, the open-air bronze statue of Goddess of Mercy of the South China Sea was built up, cloudy this day, Miaoshan master announce bronze statue in bloom, it starts open, the sunlight shines on the whole world, make the internal and external believer extremely admire.

>>"Spring on mountain of Putuo"
Every March of tour festival is the tour festival of Putuo. "Putuoshan spring" is melt masses amusement and visitors participate in for integrative interdynamic large-scale travel amusement cultural activity. Its content is rich and colorful, including activity as vocal music, dance, drama, calligraphy and painting, photography, lantern riddle, luck drawing a lottery, Buddha's country's tea ceremony, travel volunteer activity, etc., it is another travel gala following cultural festival, fragrant festival of knowing of Goddess of Mercy of mountain of Putuoshan.

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